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T550 2.0 , Foldable Rollercoaster Silent Series in Glass Black

T550 2.0 , Foldable Rollercoaster Silent Series in Glass Black

Product features:

1) 2 sets of magnetic Mahjong tiles (Blue & Green) with Animals,Fei, and Joker included

2) Dice currently set at 2, can be requested to change to 3 dices for free!

3)Comes With Lockable/Unlockable Wheels with Manual Folding

4)Play up to 40 different game modes!

5) Silenced Drum for almost 0 noise shuffling

6) More compact body for more leg space

7) Latest Chipboard for faster shuffling and easier-to-see displays

8) New Locking Mechanism for keeping table stable with no shaking when tiles are washing



New Features :


1) Scratchproof tempered glass exterior panels!

2)Belt-less feeding mechanism used. removing the fear of belt snapping after years of usage

3) Transparent interior covers allow for easy identification of which side is facing an issue(eg. chip jam)

4) Game mode can be easily changed from the top of the table

5) Offers a power-switch button on top of the table to allow for easy switching off of the machine without having to bend down





Price includes Delivery, installation as well as assistance!


Comes with 3 Years Warranty + Aftersales Service Guaranteed


Hard Cover is not included with the table! ( +60$ for hardcover ) 


Individual Light Control for all sides ( Add 150$ to install )




Unfolded : 100cm x 100cm x 78cm (Length,Width,Height)

Folded : 60cm x 100cm x 110cm (Length,Width,Height)

    $1,288.00 Regular Price
    $1,188.00Sale Price
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