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*Silent Series*  Elevation In Champagne

*Silent Series* Elevation In Champagne

Latest Model on the market!


Product features:

1) 2 sets of magnetic Mahjong tiles (Blue & Green) with Animals đŸˆđŸ€đŸ“đŸ› and Fei included

2) Dices currently set at 2, can be requested to change to 3 dices for free!

3)Comes With Lockable/Unlockable Wheels with Manual Folding

4)Play up to 40 different game modes!

5)Comes with Integrated cup holder, USB charging ports, chips drawer, and ashtray holder on each side

6) 2 Durable Drawstring bags to store the tiles!

7) Cleaning Brush for table and Cleaning solution for tiles


New Features 


1) Extra padded drum with silencing turbine for quiet shuffling and pushing in of cards

2) Equipped with Sound-Dampening Boards for even quieter shuffling!

3) 5x Thicker Table Mat for Lesser Noise!

4) Equipped with Silencer and Sound Muffler ( Reduced noise when pushing tiles into Drum)

5) Digital Dice for noiseless dice spinning(Can opt to use normal dice as well*Interchangable*)

6) Local 3Pin Sg Plug (3M-Long)



Add on the giftset to have the full experience without any hassle! (Additional 60$)


1) 2000 base ceramic chips(500 base per player)

2) cleaning balls to be placed in the machine to clean the tiles

3) Marble Wind Indicator


Hard Cover is not included with the table! ( +30$ for hardcover )


Price inclusive of delivery and installation

Video assistance provided!



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